CPA networks (or CPA affiliate networks) are generally services in which the advertiser are going to pay directly for the action conducted (order, sale) on your website when passing through the introduced traffic channel.

According to marketers, this system will likely be perfectly suited for B2C (software downloads, payment for costs, online store purchases) and is not likely applicable to B2B corporations.

Can CPA networks work?

The network user enters into an agreement by using a network of blogs, web site directory sites and other online resources to position ad units.

The system is similar to participation inside the advertising network in Yandex or Google Display Mlm, but with one difference.

Mutual payments having partners are made directly for completed actions on a website.

How Certified public accountant (cpa) online networks work

Then the network owner signs an agreement with an advertiser (usually on paper), specifying the main terms of payment as well as clearly specifying the rate for any lead.

Real disadvantage for advertisers : the fact that the owners relating normal sites usually need a fairly large amount to enter the device.

Generally there may also be intermediary agents – CPA-network aggregators, which in fact collect all owners-agents of CPA-networks and resell traffic at this time according to the scheme:

– Traffic resale method

– Often the scheme is very simple, and anything at all seems to be fair.

– The network user buys traffic, catches prospects and resells the brings about the seller of goods and services.

If there is some type of risk of being swindled by the CPA network, there is a kind of “arbitrage” – an aggregator regarding networks where one is absolute to pay for leads and the other is rewarded after paid for leads.


Sales Funnel

– In short, the prospect sales funnel consists of these kinds of steps:

instructions Potential customers.

: Unsolicited leads.

– Warm leads.

– Customers.


A comfy lead in marketing could be a conventionally “confirmed” lead.

That is, someone who is a real person who confirms that he can be the one who made the application.

But he is less than your client.

Typically, a warm guide might be:

instructions An interested visitor.

– A levels of competition (who punches in selling prices, products).

instructions A person who inquires about the valuation or checks availability.

That is, even if the person wants to buy a product when compared with you, they may ask questions.

If you can’t satisfy the customer (or something he doesn’t during the product), you will drop the customer.

If the customer is not satisfied with your own feedback as a supplier or perhaps feedback about the product that you are selling, you will lose the consumer.

This means that some sort of warm lead is hardly a customer.

That may affcountry.com/ be, the sales funnel is certainly inexorable.


We’re a bit cold about traffic arbitrage, about CPA networks.

And buying traffic from “questionable” sources has always been embarrassing.

Although the temptation will be high – for example , many of us just need readers for our website, and you can get them very cheaply through CPA.

But we still stick to natural channels to attract site visitors.

So what results are worth drawing?

Don’t let CPA courses drive traffic to your site. Anyone run the risk of losing mine in Yandex for unfaithful behavioral factors.

Do not create a landing page within the separate domain and do not make a list in services and website directories. You run the risk of burning off the position of your site.

It is worth finding a most effective method of payment for your lead. Remember that you are looking for leads, but you cannot to accomplish their quality.

Demand to be told regarding the methods of attracting traffic.

Demand the CPA’s legal details, the name of the manager and the conclusion of the contract on your terms.

Still, we recommend so that you can concentrate in your hands popular methods of attracting traffic: wording on your accounts, SMM with your publishers, blog on your web site and SEO under your very own control.

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